Meet Blue and the other birds of Black Mountains Falconry at a falconry display in the gardens of Bryn Tanat Hall.

Try your hand (and arm!) at archery; all you need is concentration, self-discipline and great self-control to master this ancient sport.

Falconry at Bryn Tanat Hall, a fascinating experience for all the family.

Want to try something different? Archery in the grounds of Bryn Tanat Hall – even more to enjoy

Get up close with Hoo-Hoo the Eagle Owl

Archery & Falconry

There was a time when soccer and golf were banned because they interfered with the time when archers should have been practicing! Nowadays though you can enjoy archery alongside these more popular sports.

At Bryn Tanat we can give you the opportunity to try this most ancient of sports. An archery range is set up on the riverside lawn and under expert supervision and instruction guests are invited to try your hand (and arm!). You will be using a recurve bow and will be given a wonderful opportunity to test your eye with this skill that dates back to the dawn of civilisation.

Another popular and informative activity available at Bryn Tanat Hall is the falconry display.  The highly skilled staff of Black Mountains Falconry bring some of their birds to The Hall and fly them in the grounds in a display that gets you involved in handling the birds then flying them and having them return to you.

You will learn the basics of this fascinating sport, such as; how to correctly pick up the birds, replace them safely onto their perches, securing them with the Falconer’s Knot. You will fly them into the trees and recall them to your fist. Weighing, feeding and day to day care will also be demonstrated.

These two activities can be enjoyed separately or together to create a really memorable event during your stay at Bryn Tanat Hall and will be something that will create a perfect addition to your holiday.


Falconry at Bryn Tanat Hall