December 23, 2022

Bespoke Interior | Discover the Inspiration Behind Our Interior Design

Would you like to discover the inspiration behind our bespoke interior?


At Bryn Tanat Hall, our luxury 5-star accommodation showcases sleek interior design complimented by hand-crafted finishes. 


Read on to uncover how our owner and interior designer, Susan, transformed our Welsh countryside getaway:


Bespoke Interior | Bryn Tanat Hall

Bryn Tanat Hall is a family-run, self-catering destination situated in Llansantffraid, Wales.


The rural staycation offers an array of rooms for guests to choose from. From our 17th-century Bryn Tanat Hall to the brand-new Eco pod, we prioritise bespoke interior throughout. 


This painstaking attention to detail transcends to our Wellness Spa, offering a cohesive and well-rounded experience.

Bespoke interior - Bryn Tanat Room

Bespoke Interior | The Refurbishment of Bryn Tanat Hall

Over the years, we’ve lovingly expanded and refurbished Bryn Tanat Hall, transforming the building into an iconic self-catering property.


Our owners, Peter and Susan, sought to create a luxury self-catering retreat that could equal any five-star hotel experience. 


With their combined innovative ideas, skills and imagination, they’ve transformed the building whilst maintaining its stunning period features.

Bespoke Interior - Bryn Tanat

Bespoke Interior | Our Pinelands and Kowloon Lodges

Our interior designer, Susan, spearheaded the accommodation’s sleek bespoke interior.


During the renovation, she collaborated with creative individuals from across the country to design an individual and luxurious range of interiors throughout our main hall and lodges. 


Discussing the inspiration behind the lodge’s bespoke interior, she said: “Pinelands and Kowloon have their own message. Pinelands is very much a slight nod to an African vibe.


“I haven’t taken it so far as to make it feel as though they’re in South Africa, but it just has that nice African warmth. The papers are quite lively, and they’re all grounded. Everything in there is grounded with grasscloth.


“The papers are in the bedrooms and the grasscloths are on the walls in the living area, and it kind of just ground it all down. Too much of anything doesn’t work. Everything needs to be subtle but done well. 


“Little touches are important — you’ll find the wallpaper underneath the glass on the dressing table, and it comes back in other places. It starts on the feature wall behind the beds and sets the room off. 


“Kowloon has a slightly oriental feel and is done very much the same way. There are flamingos in one room and pagodas in another. There’s a very well-known park in Kowloon that has the flamingos and all the various animals and birdlife there. So, we’ve showcased this in the design rather than the architecture.”

Kowloon Lodge

Interior Design Inspiration | Our Eco-Pod

Susan also showed meticulous attention to detail when designing our Mercury eco-pod.


Discussing the inspiration behind the bespoke interior, Susan said: “Mercury is all about the planet, so it takes and draws inspiration from the two signs, Pisces and Cancer. The papers are very whimsical; there are whales and fish right down the length of the one middle wall.


“In the bunk bedroom, we’ve got a very lively paper with balloons and all sorts of different features. 


“The main bedroom is all about corals and the sea. The bedroom furniture has been made to match that. The bedside tables have scallop shells embedded into the tables and there are little touches that I think make people feel that they’ve come somewhere special.


“And, maybe one day, they might go away and take some inspiration from what they’ve experienced. I think we do get that because lots of people ask about different things, such as the wallpaper and light fittings. So, I think people do get quite a lot of inspiration, especially from the interiors in Bryn Tanat.”

Bryn Tanat Eco Lodge

Interior Design Inspiration | Sustainability at Bryn Tanat Hall

Sustainability is vital to Susan and our team at Bryn Tanat Hall. 


We’re committed to protecting the local environment and wildlife by using ground source, biomass and solar energy throughout our properties, as well as water from our natural well. This agenda extends to our bespoke interior, with Susan making mindful design choices.


She said: “We’re big on sustainability. So, we use Tom Raffield’s lighting company. Everything he does is made from sustainable woods, oak spurs and walnuts. All his light bulbs and everything that we work with are sustainable energy bulbs.


“I collaborate with a local craftsman, Roy, to make much of our furniture. So, we start with the design; I’ll have an idea and he’ll come back to it. If Roy thinks it can be facilitated, we’ll go back again. And, before we know where we are, we’ve created nice pieces of furniture.


“In fact, some of the furniture in Bryn Tanat is made from an elm tree that had grown at Bryn Tanat. It was felled at the time of Dutch elm disease, sawn dried and came back in as beds, dressing tables and bedside tables. 


Our main Spa partner is Aromatherapy Associates, we carry this through into our bedrooms with all guest toiletries provided by the brand. They are a British brand and highly commended for their ethical and eco sustainable approach in the industry. All our bed linen is 400 count Egyptian cotton, providing luxury and sustainability throughout our products and services means a lot to us here at Bryn Tanat.

Bryn Tanat Room

Interior Design Inspiration | Our Mission at Bryn Tanat Hall

Here at Bryn Tanat Hall, we strive to make people feel welcome.


Susan said: “What our interior is and needs to be, is inspirational and aspirational. We need to make people feel like they need to have them. They must be something somebody would want and something that makes them feel that they’ve come somewhere different. 


“I think that’s the feel of what we’re trying to achieve. And I think Bryn Tanat does that. Some houses, and Bryn Tanat especially, have an aura and atmosphere that makes you feel you belong – and that’s what people want; they want to walk in and feel as though they belong.”

Bryn Tanat Lounge

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