Take a dip into nature

Sitting as the backdrop to Bryn Tanat Hall is the River Tanat, the perfect place to escape in nature for a cold water dip.

When practiced safely, outdoor swimming is one of the most fun activities on the planet – a brilliant workout and a refreshing reset for the mind and the body. But like all extreme sports, it’s important to take some time beforehand to make sure you are prepared – with the right kit, information, company and expectations – and you’ll have a fantastic time.

There is no public access to this part of the river and Like most rivers or wild swimming spots, there are no life guards or swim safe equiptment present.

we do not recommend you try this if you are not experienced. 

Here are our tips to get you started safely

The River Tanat is not monitored by the Bryn Tanat Hall Estate and you are not permitted to bathe alone unless you have appointed a companion to be responsible for your safety and to watch you to the riverbank. We do not provide any safety cover for swimmers nor do we monitor those who complete their swims and do or do not return to their point of entry to the gardens. For this reason we remind you that swimming alone is breach of our swimming rules.

Start Slowly

Depending on the time of year, the River Tanat water temperature can drop as low as two degrees centigrade. Give yourself plenty of time to approach the bank with your exit point as you head downstream as if you miss it, you may not be able to swim back.


Acclimatising is where you get used to cold water by slowly, gently and progressively dipping in colder and colder water. The idea is that you start when the water is above 15C in the summer or early autumn and then you dip once or twice a week as the temperature drops. Start by walking in slowly focussing on your breathing and then getting straight out. Once you’ve done a few micro-dips, you can aim for a couple of minutes, but still keep your dips brief.

Take a buddy

Wild swimming alone can be very dangerous – even for seasoned cold water swimmers. So, it’s a good idea to swim with friends, or at least have someone on the side or beach to make sure you’re warming up well afterward

Have the right Kit 

The right kit is essential for cold water swimming or immersion. you’ll need a good quality, lined or bonded fabric swimsuit. We also recommend the long sleeve swimsuit and swim shorts to keep your arms and thighs warm. Pack for warmth  – for during and after your swim. Hands and feet really suffer in cold water as your warm blood moves to your core. We recommend an oversized towel or robe, lots of warm comfortable layers, gloves, socks and a bobble hat for your spot swim attire. Finally, pack a flask of hot tea or coffee to help warm you from the inside out and something sweet or sugary to eat.

Listen to your body 

Even seasoned cold water swimmers can have dips where their bodies don’t behave like they usually do. Learning to listen to how your body feels in the cold water and respond accordingly is one of the single most important skills you can learn.

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