January 30, 2023

Celebrate Dry January with these 5 Easy Mocktail Recipes

Did you know that this month marks ‘Dry January’, a long-standing campaign that encourages people to stop drinking alcohol?


Combining luxury with relaxation, our Bryn Tanat Hall provides the perfect retreat for those partaking in the alcohol-free initiative.


If you’re planning a mind and body detox, why not try recreating some of these easy mocktail recipes? Read on to discover some of our favourites:

Easy Mocktail Recipes | People clinking fruity mocktails

Easy Mocktail Recipes | Frozen Apple Margarita 

At Bryn Tanat Hall, we offer a luxury escape to the idyllic Welsh countryside.


If you’re using our self catering services and are looking for easy mocktails this dry January, look no further! This frozen apple margarita recipe is sure to delight friends and family alike.


Bursting with fruity flavour, this alcohol-free option comprises very few ingredients. Simply blend sparkling apple juice, lime rind, lime juice and ice until smooth, then enjoy!


Once finished, you can then get creative and decorate the mocktails as you desire. 

Easy Mocktail Recipes | Frozen apple margarita

Easy Mocktail Recipes | Whiskey Sour Mocktail

Calling all whiskey lovers! 


Those opting for alcohol-free alternatives will delight in this whiskey sour mocktail. A refreshing take on a beloved classic, this concoction takes just 10 minutes to prepare, freeing up time for you to pop down to our nearby spa amenities for the ultimate rejuvenating break.


Created using Assam leaf tea for a distinctive bourbon flavour, the whiskey sour mocktail tastes very similar to the alcoholic alternative. The only difference is, with this version, you’ll wake up hangover-free!

Easy Mocktail Recipes | Whiskey Sour Mocktail

Easy Mocktail Recipes | Fruit Punch Mocktail

If you’re spending time with loved ones, whether at home or here at Bryn Tanat Hall, why not whip up a fruit punch mocktail? This is one of the easiest mocktail recipes that doesn’t compromise on flavour.


A delightful blend of fruit juice and refreshing ginger fizz, this punch-inspired mocktail is a real crowd-pleaser.


If you’re doing Dry January for health-related reasons, this is one of the best easy mocktail recipes to recreate. Not only is it quick and easy to make, but healthy, too. 


Packed with Vitamin C, you can enjoy this fruit punch recipe at the start or end of your day. You can even opt for freshly-squeezed orange juice to reap the nutritional benefits!

Fruit punch mocktail

Mocktail Ideas | Non Alcoholic Gin and Tonic

Have you always wanted to sample a non-alcoholic gin and tonic? 


After a day of exploring our grounds, we’d recommend unwinding with a non-alcoholic G&T. This is one of our favourite easy mocktail recipes, as it comprises very few ingredients and takes little time to make.


Start by mixing alcohol-free craft gin and a premium tonic water. Then, add complementary garnishes, such as orange and ginger slices, to recreate a non-alcoholic version of this beloved classic. 

Non-alcoholic gin and tonic

Mocktail Ideas | Pomegranate Sparklers

At Bryn Tanat Hall, we provide a 5-star getaway immersed in nature.


If you’re hoping to improve your mind and body during your stay with us, why not make a ‘pomegranate sparkler’? This is one of the best easy mocktail recipes to recreate, as it’s healthy, easy to make, and kid friendly! 


Using just three ingredients, this invigorating mocktail packs a fun and refreshing flavour. 

Pomegranate sparkler

So, why not raise a glass and toast to the holiday of a lifetime here at Bryn Tanat Hall?


For more information on easy mocktail recipes, or the range of amenities we offer, please get in touch.


Alternatively, why not choose to extend your visit with us by booking a stay at one of our lodges?