December 14, 2022

Relax and Unwind in Our Wellness Spa at Bryn Tanat Hall

When did you last treat yourself to a relaxing spa experience?


At Bryn Tanat Hall, our goal is to provide guests with an unforgettable, serene experience. We want to leave them feeling refreshed, relaxed and rejuvenated.


Keep reading to discover more about the services we offer at our peaceful wellness spa:


Relax and Unwind | Our Spa Packages

At Bryn Tanat Hall, we’re dedicated to offering the very best service at our wellness spa. To help our guests achieve the height of pampering and relaxation, we’ve created a range of impressive spa packages to choose from.


Whether you’d prefer a tranquil experience to start your day, a rejuvenating afternoon boost, or an express 90-minute session, our spa at Bryn Tanat Hall has something to suit any need.

Wellness Spa Bryn Tanat Spa

Experience Our Specialist Synergy Sessions

At Bryn Tanat Hall we work with some incredible companies to offer the very best treatments to our guests.

A brilliant example of this is our work with CACI Synergy Treatments. CACI International focuses on offering treatments with anti-ageing properties by using the latest technological advancements.


Here at our wellness spa, our guests can enjoy some of their amazing sessions, leaving feeling refreshed, renewed and revitalised.

Wellness Spa Massage

The Atmosphere at Bryn Tanat Hall

A great spa experience is not only about the products, treatments and services, but also the relaxing environment of the surroundings.


Here at Bryn Tanat Hall, we’ve created a relaxed, tranquil environment both within our wellness spa and across our accommodations


When visiting us for a spa experience, our guests can unwind and enjoy the peaceful ambience of the Mid Wales countryside, guaranteed to elevate any spa package.

Spa Courtyard

Our Treatments at Bryn Tanat Hall

To offer the best experience possible at our wellness spa, we’ve developed a range of incredible treatments for guests to enjoy. 


Using a selection of products, our spa therapists focus on providing the very best service – leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. 


Within our relaxing spa environment, we offer a range of fantastic treatments. These include the ultimate pregnancy massage, intense muscle release massage, revive and tone scrub and much more. 

Bryn Tanat Spa

For more information on the treatments and experiences offered at our wellness spa, please take a look at our website.


Alternatively, why not choose to extend your visit with us by booking a stay at one of our lodges?