Environment & Sustainability

Green is more than a word to us. It’s a commitment to protect the environment so there’s clean air, fresh water, and unspoiled nature for all to enjoy – today and tomorrow. Honouring that commitment means finding different ways to work and live at Bryn Tanat Hall.

Our standards have been set to ensure that the physical landscape around us is protected and that the true value of our diverse habitats and ecosystems are recognised. We also recognise the value of the current contribution that Bryn Tanat Hall makes to the wider environment, and its potential to contribute further.

We are committed to enrich the local community and to create an environment that balances the needs of all those who live, work or visit the Estate in a socially responsible way. Our approach challenges us to embrace every objective that is achievable for the current generation, giving priority to the welfare of the next generation.

The extensive eco-features that we offer are listed below:

  • Creating new bio-diverse wildlife habitats
  • Ground source heating – providing fuel and power for our luxury lodges and eco cabin
  • Biomass Boiler system -we began our sustainability journey back in 2012 with the introduction of the Biomass Boiler system. The system provides heat and hot water to Bryn Tanat Hall, the Wellness Spa, gym and also the owners accommodation.
  • Solar Power
  • Natural water supply from a well