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Gone are the days when the only way to view a house was solely by way of poring over flat and sometimes confusing floor plans. With the emergence of our walkthrough films we have an exciting new way of being introduced to the layout of your staycation property.

With a few clicks you can be leisurely making your way through living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, kitchens and bathrooms.

Each property at Bryn Tanat Hall in all its beauty waiting for you to step on in for an effortless and insightful walkthrough film.

Choose Your Property

Choose from the Stunning Bryn Tanat Hall as it takes you through each floor of the house, from the kitchen to the cosy lounge areas and games room and  onto a whirlwind of bedrooms (sleeping 28 guests) along the first and second floor of the Hall.

Head over to the Parklands and take a walkthrough both of our Luxury Lodges, Kowloon & Pinelands. Both featuring open plan living spaces and stunning countyside views, with bubbling hot tubs you’ll wish you could transport yourself into.

The walkthrough films also feature our more intimate accommodation. Imagine your off-grid escape as you peer into the Mercury Eco-Cabin or opt for a Hotel like stay whilst you ponder the idea of a one night mini break in the Stable Room.

Walkthrough film of Bryn Tanat Hall

Bryn Tanat Hall

Explore Bryn Tanat Hall, which bedroom will you choose?

Walkthrough Kowloon Park Lodge

Kowloon Park

Open plan living at its finest

Film into PineLands Luxury Lodge

Pinelands Lodge

Enjoy all the magic and romance of a lodge by the river

Walkthrough film of Mercury eco-cabin

Mercury Eco Cabin

A truly relaxing and sustainable experience

The Stable Room walkthrough film

The Stable Room

A unique atmosphere to welcome and envelop you

Which property will you choose?

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